Investment approach

We apply a specific set of investment approaches, or a combination of various individual approaches.

Investments in exceptional companies

In order to expand the Sandberg Capital's portfolio we focus on companies that are well managed by an experienced team that offers a unique product or service. We prefer companies with strong growth potential and a solid place in their market segment.

Partnership with founders or with company's management

With each investment we seek to increase the long-term value of the company with the right partner. We prefer partnerships with the company's founder or its management that keep an ambitious vision for their future. We actively support the company's management in its development and growth, but leave daily managerialdecisions up to the respective managers.

Increase in operational efficiency

We see investment opportunities also in companies that are currently not fulfilling their growth potential. We focus on constant improvement of operational results and processes. Sandberg Capital has successfully improved and helped recover a number of companies in loss and crisis situations.

Investment criteria

We focus on economic sectors that we understand well and in regions that we consider to have a great economic potential. When we conduct acquisitions we focus on several key criteria.

Size of companies

Companies with EBITDA exceeding one million EUR and Enterprise value up to 100 million EUR.


Central and Eastern Europe


Mainly IT, telecommunications, agriculture, retail and education

Ownership interest

50% and more

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